Looking for a new home for your SaaS?

We're looking for micro SaaS products to acquire and grow. We're great stewards who will keep the legacy of your SaaS alive while you move on to work on your next big thing. We'll never call ourselves "founders" or change the founding story. You started it, we acquired it, and we'll keep your customers happy. That's the story.

What we're looking for:

  • SaaS
  • Less than $10k MRR
  • Bootstrapped / Founder owns 100%

If you're a fit and you want to make sure your SaaS goes to the right hands, let's connect!

We'll promise a quick, no-hassle exit at a fair price.

Who we are

Corey Haines

Corey Haines

Corey is the founder of Swipe Files and cofounder of SwipeWell. Previously Head of Growth at Baremetrics and first marketing hire at Cordial, he’s also consulted with dozens of startups on marketing and growth including SavvyCal, Evercast, Riverside, Holloway, Beamer, and Timetastic.

Chris Spags

Chris Spags

Chris is the founder of Jetboost. Prior to Jetboost he worked as an early stage CTO consultant for several different startups in various industries like social media, food delivery, and online communities. Overall, he has been in tech for 15+ years.

The Default Alive podcast

Our bi-weekly show where we talk about SaaS, bootstrapping, no-code, and life while running online businesses.